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Underground IM


Welcome to the homepage of Underground IM, the free Java Instant Messaging solution. Both a client and a server are available. Underground IM is open source software distributed free of charge under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


Member of The Internet Defense League


The goal of Underground IM is to provide a free, easy to use, secure Instant Messenger that is not littered with advertisements. We understand that many agencies invade your privacy by recording your conversations. However, we enable a safe form of communication where this invasion is made difficult.

You can donate through paypal by clicking on the donate button located in the top left hand corner or click this link:

Please note: Due to the fees taken by paypal it is not possible for me to offer refunds.

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Nik, for it to be online you will need to open the defined port for clients to connect.
Made date: 18/Dec/2013 09:17:16 pm

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Troy.. fortunately i've setup my server.. thanks for your concern. pls tell me how use it for multiple clients in a single computer... and confused whether it LAN or Online messenger..
Made date: 17/Dec/2013 09:37:08 pm

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Hi Nikhil, I will email you and help you setup your server.
Made date: 06/Dec/2013 09:51:37 am

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i dont have any clue how to run it... pls help me i've install mysql server5.6 localhost is online. created undergroundim database. when trying to execute .exe file.. it says wrong server.
Made date: 01/Dec/2013 04:40:59 pm

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